ELECTION UPDATE: Although Measure B passed easily, Measure A, the tax measure, did not, @Joe Montana Jersey so there will be no Solano Fund for Children at this time. We share in your sadness at this result, but believe this is just the beginning of a longer term effort to raise awareness of children’s needs in this community and to work together to find ways to better support our children.

The Committee for a Solano Fund for Children


Strong Families & Safe Kids Create Healthy Communities for Everyone.

Let’s Pass Measures A + B so our community can provide the support children need to succeed so they can be self-reliant as adults. Let’s provide a handup, not a hand out. Our list of endorsements is growing! Add your name.


Want to know more about the needs of children in Solano, whose behind this effort, or what a difference it can make for our kids?


All Solano County Residents have a shared responsibility in helping local children grow up healthy & ready to learn. Ready to help?

Why we need a Solano Fund for Children

Compared to the rest of the Bay Area and other surrounding counties, Solano is a high need/ low revenue place. In order to succeed in a competitive world, our kids need to have some of the same opportunities that kids in surrounding communities already have.

Secure the Future for Our Children

We are a grassroots coalition of parents & grandparents, local leaders in health care, education, child abuse prevention, local government and community based organizations throughout Solano County.
Together we seek to secure a stable source of funding to ensure access to the children’s services that local voters have already told us are @Joe Montana Authentic Jersey the most needed right here at home..

The Important Issues Facing Solano’s Children:

Contact US

Address: PO BOX 1502 , Benicia, CA 94510
Email: info@solanofundforchildren.org
Phone: 707-207-4751